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***** UPDATE***** Contest #3 @ Flagler Beach Pier will be postponed which was scheduled for this Saturday. Once permit is in place we will give you the new date. Next scheduled contest date is July 4th St. Augustine Beach Pier. Have a great week and good luck to our members traveling to Surfing America / USA Surfing Championships in California this June.

#2 In the Books

Great weather, good waves, surfers shredding, family and friends, it doesn’t get much better than that for a successful contest. One downfall…our P.A. System was being repaired and our backup failed us.  There were a couple of hiccups with the timers, other than that we had a smooth running contest.  

A huge thank you to all of the judges and volunteers that helped out throughout the day we couldn’t do it without you all.  Many people come together to pull off every contest and it shows by the compliments we receive.  We would like to welcome our newest members in Girls U14 Danielle Baugh and Emily Chester! 

Micro Menehune

1. Grayson Lange

2. Brielle Bennett

3. Samantha Froemming

4. Gavin Baker


1. Ryan Huckabee

2. Evan Tyson

3. Carl Burger

4. Braeden Kopec

5. Benji Lange

6. Rob Schweizer

Girls U14

1. Hannah Blevins

2. Eden Lange

3. Olivia Beaven

4. Danielle Baugh

5. Emily Chester

Boys U14

1. Ryan Huckabee

2. Kai DeLorenzo

3. Carl Burger

4. Benji Lange

5. Braeden Kopec

6. Rob Schweizer

Girls U16

1. Eden Lange

2. Hannah Blevins

3. Olivia Beaven

Boys U16

1. Shawn Arthur Jr.

2. Kai DeLorenzo

3. Brayden Bryant

4. Sean Fox

5. Elijah Hair

6. Quinn Higgins

Jr. Women U18

1. Eden Lange

2. Hannah Blevins

3. Reghan Anest

Jr. Men U18

1. Patrick Conklin

2. CJ Garren

3. Sean Fox

4. Tom Burger

5. Shawn Arthur Jr.

6. Brayden Bryant


1. Haley Watson


1. Bubba Tyson

2. CJ Garren

3. Patrick Conklin

4. Tyler Dean

5. Casey Piester

6. Jonathan Eden

7. Nick Jewell

Sr. Men

1. Chuck Lanham

2. Paul Lange

3. Shawn Arthur, Sr.

4. John Baker

5. Andy DeLorenzo

6. Jason Froemming

7. Gary Allred


1. Lynn Harrington

2. Denny Dean

3. Robert Vinyard

4. Kirk Oswell

Grand Legends

1. Charlie Quick

2. Gene Rutherford


1. Shawn Arthur, Jr.

2. Chuck Lanham

3. Ryan Huckabee

4. Casey Piester

5. Patrick Conklin

6. CJ Garren

Jr. Women U18 LB

1. Hannah Blevins

2. Olivia Beaven

Jr. Men U18 LB

1. Ryan Conklin

2. Gavin Silver

3. Patrick Conklin

Mens LB

1. Tyler Dean

2. Alex Hobbs

3. Nick Jewell

Legends LB

1. Charlie Quick

2. Lynn Harrington

3. Denny Dean

4. Kirk Oswell

5. Gene Rutherford


2015 Season

A new year has arrived!  We are excited to get started with the 2015 Season.  Here is the schedule.

Click the link below for the contest entry form.

SAFL_2015 Contest Entry Form



ESA-St. Augustine, Florida / 2015 SeasonEvent Location: 

Mary Street Ramp – St. Augustine, Fl. 32080

Time: 8:00 a.m. Registration

  • May 16th Saturday / Contest #1

  • May 30th Saturday / Contest #2

  • June 6th Saturday / Contest #3/ Flagler Beach Pier, Flagler Beach

  • July 4th Saturday / Contest #4 /  * St. Augustine Beach Pier

  • August 15th Saturday / Contest #5

  • September 12th Saturday / Contest #6

  • EASTERNS 2015 September 20-26 2015 / Nag’s Head, North Carolina

Jennette’s Pier, 7229 S. Virginia Dare Trail

  • October 10-11 th Saturday & Sunday/ Contest #7 / Ponce Inlet

  • November 7th Saturday / #8

 Contact; Andy DeLorenzo – District Director  904.377.1949  Cell



APRIL 17-19, 2015

Paradise Beach Park, Melbourne Beach, Florida


2015 Southeast Regional Schedule(Tentative – Subject to change)

2015 Heat Schedule (Tentative – Subject to change)

2015 Southeast Regional Entry Form


BECOME AN ESA EVENT SPONSOR!  2015 Southeast Sponsorship Information  We are offering a live webcast each day of the event.  Your business will be exposed to tens of thousands online and on the beach!


ESA Headquarters Hotel:

Crowne Plaza logo

Click here to reserve ESA’s special rateor call and mention group code ESA.


The ESA is proud to partner with Gnarley Charley to offer the groms a fun session of their own on the beach during the Southeast Regionals!  Charley Hajek will be working with ESA kids Saturday, April 18th teaching them about surfing, contest surfing and offering all of his great energy and experience to get the younger groms stoked on surfing!  More details forthcoming but your child MUST BE A CURRENT ESA MEMBER to participate.

You can join or upgrade your family membership by clicking here



Crowne Plaza logo


BNG logo




SaltySistaSun Stamp2

 PBH logo

kKrows Logo

SE Regionals

Southeast Regional Championships

April 16-19, 2015

Paradise Beach Park, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Below are the links to the St. Augustine ESA Final Season Points. Please look for your name and see what your final ranking in your division(s) while viewing the “Invitation Matrix”. Find your division and see how many slots are allocated for our St. Augustine District. If your placing for the season is within that number you have an invitation. If your placing is not in that number you can still sign up as an alternate. ESA will place all of the paid seeded entries and then expand the event to bring in as many alternates as possible. So if you qualified congratulations! If you did not, don’t worry sign up as an alternate. You have a great chance of getting a final seed once the divisions are expanded to included alternate seeds. This takes quite a bit of work so the earlier you sign-up the better chance of getting a slot. Slots are based on seedings throughout the year. You must surf at least two contests. This however only allows you the chance to qualify. The seeding is based on the total points throughout the entire 2014 season.

*****Please remember your memberships must be current through September 30, 2015. ***** A lot of memberships expire so make sure to get on-line and register for the new 2015 Season if your membership expires prior to 9/30/2015. While signing up for the contest and the new membership…pay close attention to the new revised age divisions starting this new 2015 Season. You can now surf up in age. I recommend surfing up at least extra division. Try to keep your primary division your number one goal however. Surfing in three or more divisions can be taxing during an event and may lead to a performance in your primary division that is a little less than you would have liked.

The cutoff date for Entries is March 9, 2015.
Any entries received after that date will be a late paid alternate

ESA SAFL 2014 Points

SE Regional Invitation 2014


ESA’s 2015 Southeast Regional Sponsors:




SaltySistaSun Stamp2

 PBH logo

kKrows Logo

Where are the Waves?

The contest for Sunday August 17th has been cancelled.  We are looking to update again on Thursday August 21st as to when the next contest will be.  Everyone get out there and do your wave dance to bring some good ones to our beaches!


We now have online registration set up for all of our local contests or you can stop in at Surf Station, Surf Station II or Pit Surf Shop to fill out your contest form and pay for your entry fees.  The more people that sign up ahead of time the more heats we can have lined up and ready the morning of the contest.




We organized all the trophies from the 4th of July contest and have them ready if you would like to pick them up or meet us somewhere that way you don’t have to wait until the next contest. We dropped all of the trophies for those of you that live in Flagler County off at A1 Surf & Skate shop, stop by and see Jim to get yours. We still have the goody bags for the 1A divisions and Menehune’s.


Here is a big shout out to Salt Life Food Shack St. Augustine!! They had their grand opening fundraiser and donated all of the proceeds from that night to 4 water based non-profit organizations and our ESA St. Augustine District was one of the beneficiaries!!! Give them a big thank you and support their restaurant.


Salt Life Food Shack