Unfortunately Mother Nature is just  not cooperating for our district. She is not wanting to produce waves for us at all.  The contest is cancelled for the weekend of September 6/7 2014.  We will reevaluate for the next contest after Easterns.1536433_369873926502290_1697716724583460159_n

No Contest

Contest for today August 24th is off.  We went to Mary Street this morning and there was no pick up in swell.  Waves are less than 1/2 a foot.  This contest will go to the 2nd back up date and our next scheduled contest is September 6th.  We need waves, everyone do your wave dance!

Contest #3 Is On

We  are a go for the contest tomorrow August 24th Sunday 8am registration with a 9am start.  Mary Street Ramp.  Expect small conditions with a building swell throughout the afternoon.  See you all there!!

Where are the Waves?

The contest for Sunday August 17th has been cancelled.  We are looking to update again on Thursday August 21st as to when the next contest will be.  Everyone get out there and do your wave dance to bring some good ones to our beaches!


We now have online registration set up for all of our local contests or you can stop in at Surf Station, Surf Station II or Pit Surf Shop to fill out your contest form and pay for your entry fees.  The more people that sign up ahead of time the more heats we can have lined up and ready the morning of the contest.




We organized all the trophies from the 4th of July contest and have them ready if you would like to pick them up or meet us somewhere that way you don’t have to wait until the next contest. We dropped all of the trophies for those of you that live in Flagler County off at A1 Surf & Skate shop, stop by and see Jim to get yours. We still have the goody bags for the 1A divisions and Menehune’s.

4th of July

48th Annual Sun n’ Surf 4th of July Surf Classic In Memory of Bill Murray

We know everyone is very anxious for the results from the contest.  Here you go.  Look for a blog update to follow later with an overview of the event

Micro Menehune

  1. Kadyn Miller

  2. Hania Humphries

  3. Ellarie Price

  4. Noah Dellsala

  5. Grayson Lange

  6. Kale Plumlee 

(1A) Menehune

  1. Lily Platt

  2. Evan Higgins

  3. Jeffery Jabot

  4. Nolan Humphries


  1. Ryan Huckabee

  2. Benji Lange

  3. Skye Blumenfeld

  4. Noah Brownell

  5. Carl Burger

Menehune Longboard 

  1. Elijah Hair

  2. Justin Miller

(1A) Boys 

  1. Justin Miller

  2. Peyton Miller

  3. Elijah Hair

  4. Max Davis


  1. Kai DeLorenzo

  2. Shawn Arthur

  3. Sean Fox

  4. Tom Burger

  5. Izaya Beams

  6. Carson Strange

  7. Quinn Higgins


  1. Eden Lange

  2. Hannah Blevins

  3. Isabelle Stillwell

  4. Payton Benjamin

Jr. Women

  1. Elena Sopranzi

  2. Shawna Wentzel


  1. Sami Gresham


  1. Candice Griffin

 Jr. Women Longboard

  1. Hannah Blevins

  2. Isabelle Stillwell

 Women Longboard

  1. Shawna Wentzel

  2. Elena Sopranzi

  3. Sami Gresham

Jr. Men

  1. Jonathan Eden

  2. Evan Brownell

  3. C.J. Garren

  4. David Ward

  5. Evan Price

Jr. Men Longboard

  1. David Kennedy

  2. Greyson Neumann

Sr. Men

  1. Jimmy Blumenfeld

  2. Chuck Lanham

  3. Andy DeLorenzo

  4. Sunny Stevens

  5. Joe Capo

  6. Gary Allred

  7. Michael Price


  1. Jack Glendenning

 Mens Longboard

  1. Alex Hobbs

  2. Sunny Stevens

  3. Alex Himmelberg

  4. Tom Paton


  1. Paul Lange

  2. Jay Smith

  3. Charley Hajek

  4. Lynn Harrington

  5. Morris Smith


  1. Kirk Oswell

  2. Phil Spoerle

  3. Robert Vinyard

  4. Charlie Quick

  5. Bill Hayes

  6. Will Gresham

Grand Legends

  1. Burgess Autrey

  2. Gene Rutherford



Here is a big shout out to Salt Life Food Shack St. Augustine!! They had their grand opening fundraiser and donated all of the proceeds from that night to 4 water based non-profit organizations and our ESA St. Augustine District was one of the beneficiaries!!! Give them a big thank you and support their restaurant.


Salt Life Food Shack

ESA SAFL Contest #1 A Success

We are happy to report that Contest #1 on May 17, 2014 was a huge success.  Everyone had a great time, surfing, socializing as well as hanging out with friends and family.  It is incredible to see our membership growing in age and numbers.  Divisions changing because our little ones are moving up.  Thank you to all of our local district sponsors we couldn’t do what we do without all of you!  Thank you to Volkswagen of St. Augustine for coming out and handing out goodies to our members. Thank you to A1 Surf Shop for providing goodies for our winners.   Thank you to Pamela Hill we couldn’t do it without you either! We gained some new members (Evan & Ellarie Price, Grayson Lange, Bettina & Nicole Fulford, Isabella Stillwell, Elijah Hair,  Shawn Arthur Jr. & Payton Benjamin) give them a warm welcome.  What a great event!  

Micro-Menehune 9 & Under

1. Grayson Lange

2. Ellarie Price

Menehune 11 & Under

1. Ryan Huckabee

2. Noah Brownell

3. Carl Burger

4. Benji Lange

Boys 12-14

1. Ryan Conklin

2. Sean Fox

3. Kai DeLorenzo

4. Shawn Arthur

5. Izaya Beams

6. Tom Burger

Jr. Men 15-17

1. Evan Brownell

2. Jonathan Eden

3. C.J. Garren

4. Patrick Conklin

5. Evan Price

Men 18-24

1. Casey Piester

2. Alex Hobbs

Sr. Men 35-44

1. Chuck Lanham

2. Andy DeLorenzo

Grandmasters 45-54

1. Lynn Harrington

2. Charley Hajek

3. Denny Dean

Legends 55-64

1. Kirk Oswell

2. Phil Spoerle

3. Charley Quick

Girls 14 & Under

1. Hannah Blevins

2. Kelsea McCormick

3. Eden Lange

4. Nicole Fulford

5. Olivia Beaven

6. Payton Benjamin

7. Bella Beaven

Jr. Women 15-17

1. Jillian Bontempo

Women 18-29

1. Haley Watson

Ladies 30 & Over

1. Candice Griffin

Menehune Longboard 14 & Under

1. Ryan Conklin

2. Isabelle Stillwell

Jr. Men Longboard 15.17

1. Patrick Conklin

Men Longboard 18-34

1. Alex Hobbs

2. Tyler Dean

Legends Longboard 50 & Over

1. Denny Dean

2. Phil Spoerle

3. Charlie Quick

4. Kirk Oswell

Jr. Women Longboard 17 & Under

1. Hannah Blevins

2. Jillian Bontempo

3. Taylor Eddy

4. Nicole Fulford

5. Olivia Beaven

6. Kelsea McCormick

Menehune Bodyboard 14 & Under

1. Bella Beaven

Open Shortboard

1. Chuck Lanham

2. Tom Burger

3. Jonathan Eden

4. Izaya Beams

5. Evan Brownell

6. Ryan Huckabee